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Olyan mint otthon 1978 VHSRip RbA
Olyan mint otthon
Hungary, 1978

  • Режиссёр (Director): Martha Meszaros
  • Качество (Quality): MP4 VHSRip 640x480 - size: 1.48Gb
  • В ролях (Cast): Tamas Banovic, Ildiko Szabo, Andras Flds
  • In this study of the relationship between a man and a little girl, Mészáros's growing interest in exploring the male psyche from a woman's point of view is evident. Andras, an ex-professor who has just returned to Hungary from living in America, is egotistical, grumpy, and in culture shock; but to the small Zsuzsa he represents a possibility for escape and freedom — and the father she always wanted.
    Olyan mint otthon 1978 VHSRip RbA

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    Olyan mint otthon 1978 VHSRip RbA

    Год: 1978 | 31-03-2014, 00:27
    Год: 1984 | 30-03-2014, 01:47
    Год: 1969 | 12-04-2014, 19:46


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    One simple story told beautifully. Thats what i thought , a beautiful movie. Story, acting, cinematography , background score every part of movie is is amazing. For a long time i wont be able to forget the characters of Andr?s and Zuszsi.the sequence where the man helps the kid with homework. the moment where the they are listening to the music sitting in their chairs, just enjoying the music!so many moments, loved them. SO many beautiful moments woven together to make such a beautiful movie. From the title sequence,after a long long time got see a great title! Martha Meszaros has been a revelation to me this Kolkata film festival. Her Diaries... were great.But this movie is going to be with me for a long time. a sure watch for all those who want to see good cinema.
    I've seen this film twice, some time ago, and been reminded of it by a set of vidcaps appearing on the Net. The plot is strange and very unsettling; the closest I can compare it with is "La Drolesse". And I'm certainly not going to give away any more than that. It frequently subverts expectations as to how relationships are going to develop. For once an English title for a foreign-language film is cleverly thought out- it's deeply ironic in more ways than one.

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